Does Commercial Lawn Care Services Make Sense for Your Property?

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Whether you like it or not, the outside of your Southern California property is the first thing your clients and customers see when they visit your business. A poorly maintained or unkept landscape may even determine if they decide to walk in the door. Think about it, would you think twice about entering a location the last time the outside was in disrepair or the lawn and weeds were overgrown? Many companies focus solely on the interior of their building, but the exterior can be just as important. The look and health of the grounds at your commercial facility can instantly attract customers — or send them driving on to the nearest competitor.building

Know The Benefits of Commercial Lawn Care Services

Utilizing a professional lawn care company can be highly beneficial and make a critical difference in the health, strength, and visual appeal of your exterior landscapes. Once you understand all the advantages of working with a professional lawn care company, you can better determine if it makes sense for your property. Outsourcing your landscape needs offers many benefits, but here are six of them to get you started.

Trained and Experienced Crews
Outsourcing the job to a professional crew means you don’t have to do it yourself. This saves you time and the hassle of hiring on your own and training because hiring or training other staff members to coordinate grounds maintenance is costly and unproductive. When you hire a professional lawn care company, the vendor’s crew will arrive fully prepared with all the required licensing and certificates.  And you only have to pay for the services your vendor provides.

Raise The Value Of Your Southern California Property
Maintaining a healthy, vibrant lawn and well-groomed ornamental trees, and shrubs can influence curb appeal. In fact, research suggests that landscaping affects a property’s value by as much as 14%.

Raise Employee Productivity
Having a well-manicured landscape increases your employee’s productivity and helps to reduce stress. Giving your employees a place to take lunch or breaks outside not only promotes nature but allows your employees to get fresh air, think more clearly, and stay focused. Keeping your property maintained also gives your employees a sense you care. Showing up to work only to first encounter a shoddy outdoor area, overgrown lawn, and lack of green space increases anxiety and gives the employee a sense that leadership is not invested.

A reputable lawn care company will have up-to-date insurance covering your property, themselves, and any workers that could get injured during unforeseen circumstances. You also won’t have to worry about proper storage of fertilizers, pesticides, or large lawn care equipment, which can get tricky if you aren’t sure how to store them properly.

Cost Savingstractor
Professional lawn and landscaping companies will have industrial-grade equipment. Keeping up to date with the technology is time-consuming and costly. Leave this up to the professionals. Lawn care and landscaping contractors can obtain equipment loans for items such as riding mowers, aerators, leaf blowers, tarps, etc., and pay them off through contracting work. Additionally, your commercial lawn care company will use market-leading products for optimized success. In the long run, hiring a company to handle your landscaping will cost you less than purchasing the equipment and products to use yourself.

Take Out The Guesswork
All lawns are unique, and it’s not always clear what they need or what is causing a problem. For example, if you notice the grass surrounding your office building is thinning, you may think it simply needs more fertilizer. A trained professional specializing in lawn care may know that your soil is actually too acidic and better understand how to treat it based on what it needs. 

You run your business to do a specific job. Allow those who were trained and have knowledge within the lawn care industry to do theirs. From soil tests to industry expertise, your lawn care technician has the know-how to get your commercial property looking vibrant and green once again.

For all Your Commercial Lawn Care Services, In Southern California, Call On LawnScape, Inc.

Lawnscape Systems, Inc. has over 25 years of experience providing commercial lawn care services to the Water Districts, Homeowners Associations, and businesses in Southern California. Our experienced technicians are trained and licensed to fertilize and apply insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides to treat stubborn weeds on commercial lawns. We are ready to make your commercial property beautiful too. Learn now by connecting with us online or by giving us a call at (714) 909-1836.

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